Monday, June 23, 2008

Kring's Weekend

Sometimes, I hate salary day that falls on a friday…maybe, you’d ask why? Well, because for sure over the weekend, I have much time to do buying and spending all my salary. Hahaha! And so, expect that the monday after the friday salary; I’ll be as broke like the thursday before the friday salary. Did I relay the message well? If I didn’t…uh-uh! Sorry! Hehehe :D

Actually, that is not the point of this article. Aws, article? I don’t think this is an article, whatever! The point is, I just want to narrate the fortunate, unfortunate and momentous weekend, I had. Whoah! Deep! Hehehe :D

Friday, June 20, 2008:

A rainy salary day! I really wanted to go home early but since I dint have an umbrella, I had to wait for JM to go home. So, at about 5:35, JM and I went out of office. I hadn’t withdrew money so I just borrowed P20 from JM for my fare. We were talking as I was waiting for a jeepney. The rain was pouring. It was really a cold Friday afternoon. Not some minutes passed, the jeepney arrives. I bade goodbye and rode off.

At the jeepney, I notice something was missing among my things. Just then I remember my phone at the office drawer. I wanted to let the jeepney stop but I had second thoughts. I pay for my fare and decided that I would just take off the ride on the gate of IT Park. So that it wouldn’t be that noticeable that I had carelessly left something from where I came from. Hehe! As if, everyone would notice that I just rode in.

To make the story short, I went back to the office facing the downpours of the rain. I was wet, but not very wet. Just noticeably wet. And I hate myself for it. I was reprimanding myself. “Sus! Sa tanang adlaw na malimtan nako akong fon..karon pa gyud na ulan then weekend. Grrr! Tangaa na gyud nako oi!”

At the new bhaus, my mom and brother were already waiting for me. We talked and ate dinner and I narrated to them my misfortune. They were laughing at my lousiness. Who wouldn’t? It’s not new to me really. It was a common thing, they said. After, we went to e-mall and withdrew money. Then we proceeded to Mandaue to as planned, despite the cold wind and rain.

At mandaue, my old boardmates were already waiting for me. They teased me when we arrived. Saying, they were waiting for my farewell speech. I’m really sorry that I dint have much time to laugh and chika with them because it’s really getting late and my mama seems irritated. I couldn’t actually point out what’s irritating my mama. I just had a little chitchat and then we packed my things. My things were really “daghan!” I just pout my lips whenever mama or my bro said that I should threw those things that I don’t need anymore like old notebooks and the likes. I don’t know why but it kind of makes me happy scanning all those old things I had because it makes me remember yesterday. And I am fond of reliving old memories. And it’s so damn hard for me to throw things even though it’s no use to me anymore. I just wanted to keep it. Keep it until the things just wear out of old age. Does it make sense? But it’s true! In our home in uling, when I scanned some of my old things, I could still find old letters from elementary admirers, letters written by me to God, memo’s, journal and all. Reading and reliving those memories either brought a tear on my eyes or a smile on my lips.

We managed to contain all of my things in a taxi. My plan was to hire 2 taxis but amazingly, all of the things and us fit into a taxi. I was telling my mama then that the taxi to R. Landon would be P102.50 based on experience. But it turned out; our taxi meter was just P80. I think the taxi driver was just nice. We were actually talking. Mama talked about her experience on raising us alone. When we went out of the taxi, I think the taxi driver already had a full view of our family story. Hehe! We paid him 150 because he was really nice.

Back to R. Landon, it’s almost 11 pm. I had earlier plans to go out with a friend. His new friend actually, I mean, we’ve been texting for about months already but time just didn’t allow us to met personally. So, I decided that I should met him Friday night after transfer because I thought by 9PM, I would be finish by then. I miscalculated the time. But I had no guts to postpone our meeting anymore because this would be the nth time that I would be postponing it.

And so, I wanted to pursue what was planned but the problem was, it’s already late, it’s raining and the wind was wild outside. Most probably, my mama wouldn’t allow me to go out. So, I decided to sleep and ignore his messages. But I can’t. I can’t sleep. I then invent a very considerable lie to mama just so she would allow me to go out. I wasn’t facing her when I said it because I know; the truth would be plastered all over my face. I was feeling hot all over then for making such lie. So, after considerable sermons, she allowed me to go out. And I was happy yet sad for such lie. And so, off I went to CNU corner.

I waited and waited when suddenly a yellow car stops by me. They called and so I thought, he’s with them. I was mortified. They were no goodies, I supposed. They were drinking inside the car. They asked me to go with them, fear crept all over me. Ohmigod! I sensed that it was trouble. I politely say, I can’t then run to the other side of the corner. I was so afraid. I am really shaking. When, I was sure the car was nowhere near. I ran back to the bhaus. And just as I opened the door, my mama walks out. She said, she’s worried and decided to wait for me outside. I didn’t tell her what happened. I just told her that I suddenly changed my mind about going out.

Inside the bhaus, I remembered my phone. Jay’s messages! I hadn’t had the courage to read it at first because I actually hated him. But after some time, I read his messages. He’s not the guy in the yellow car. He’s waiting for me at the PDEA and not in the CNU corner. I was shocked. Those guys in yellow car must have been really nasty and bad. They must be planning something bad. I was glad, I am safe.

We exchanged messages. I said, I couldn’t go out anymore. He reasoned. My decision swayed. I asked mama that I would go to the CR, a lie again :( but I really have to see him. So, I ran down and went to PDEA and saw him. Talk a little and bade goodbye. At last, we finally met! But my heart went out to him when he bid goodbye. He’s really expecting that we could have a videoke together. But I couldn’t go out anymore. He had to go home. That ends my Friday night. My plans were all carried out actually but with time constraints. It brought a smile on my lips and off I drifted to dreamland. :)

Corie's Weekend!

June 21, 2008 --
The wind was blowing real hard. It looks as if its going to blow off our neighbor's roof. I was still on bed even when my bedside clock keeps telling me that its already 8 am. In a way, i dont want to get up. i dont feel like doing anything anyway. and i just want to drown myself in my dreams. i want to be in dreamland.. but i have to be up. or else, i would be hearing the ranting and nagging of my mother. so i was up. but half of me is still lost in some dreamland.

After eating my breakfast and doing the household chores assigned to me, I flicked on the tv and watched sound of music. hehehe... theres not much to do anyway in this rainy saturday morning.. hehehe.. :D After watching the sound of music, i watched cutting edge 3. its a nice film. it talks about being a team. wat it means to be a team. theres a line there that your teammate is more than just a friend. you win and lose all at the same time. your teammate is your life. hehehe... then i watched greys anatomy season 3 for like the nth time already.. hehehe.. :D

After which, i went to sleep. When i woke up, it was already 8 in the evening. I hurriedly ate my supper and then took a batch after. Then I continued watching greys anatomy. im such a killer for that series... hehehe... i dont know, sometimes i just can relate myself to some of the charaters there. Sometimes, im like izzie... very sensitive and kind and helpful. at some moments, im like cristina, headstrong and focused.. at rare moments, im like meredith, wanting to disappear and be with the person i care about. and there are those moments when im like george, clumsy and funny. and there are also those moments when im being alex karev. hehehe.. im weird. anyways, i watched till like midnight. and off to dreamland i went after!

June 22, 2008 --
Guess wat? the sun is up! woohoo.. hehehe.. :D
I was already up by 6 am and was able to finish all my chores around 11 am.
hehehe... after which, i watched SOP on gma7 and took a bath around 2 pm. then i went to my lolas house... :D
there, i listened to some music and had a short chat session with sean. Around 5 pm, i prepared myself for my reading for the 6 pm mass.. Then around 5:30, the wind was howling real hard again... i had to ride on my way to the church when in fact it is just a walking distance..

After the mass, we ate our dinner and went home. At home, we had a chitchat with the entire family and then they went to sleep. As for me, i continued watching greys anatomy and didnt went to sleep until 1 am. And even when i was in bed around 1 am. I was not asleep until 3 am. i dont know but i cant seem to drift off to sleep. im thinking of someone that i shouldnt be thinking about. its not like this person has been talking or communicating even. its been wat? 8 years? and still i am thinking of the same person. i dont know, its either i havent moved on, or i just dont want to..