Thursday, October 22, 2009

disc: who would it be?

If you only had one day left to live, and you had the chance to tell one person from your past "I love you," who would it be? How about "I'm sorry"?

Please post your answer as a comment to this post.


  1. Mean mode: Silly question. If wala pako ka get over sako ex i would ask this question to someone. or if wa pako kadawat my ex has found someone new to adore.

  2. ... ^_^ ...... ^_^ ...... ^_^ ...... ^_^ ......

    If I only had one day left to live and I had the chance to tell someone from my past "I love you", then I would choose to tell this to the latest person I am romantically inlove with. I want to utter him this bcoz I want him to know that even in my last breath it is still him who is in my heart and in my mind. On the other hand, I will relate my "I'm sorry" to the latest person I am in trouble with. Simply bcoz I want him to know that I regret the day when I am in trouble with him and I am sincerely asking for a reconciliation and forgiveness from the deepest chamber of my heart!

    ... ^_^ ...... ^_^ ...... ^_^ ...... ^_^ ......

    P.S. if g.question ni naku sa beauty contest.. i wud choose God.. ky for sure.. maganahan ang judges.. den since dri rmn ni... i wud choose sum1 aside from God.. hehehe :)

  3. hahahaha...bryta joey oi...hehehe..IDOL!!! :D

    nwe, to satisfy the question being asked, here is my answer:
    Q: If you only had one day left to live, and you had the chance to tell one person from your past "I love you," who would it be?
    A: I would tell this to the one I love right now because for me she's my past, my present and my future..and I am hers yesterday, today and tomorrow...

    Q: How about "I'm sorry"
    A: To the one that I've hurted too much in which it caused severe damage and pain to her heart and almost broke her beautiful life..I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it and you know that!
    It's just that, we cannot control our destiny..But we always have a choice..and we choose to move forward..and that's the beauty of life..Keep dreaming, keep fighting, keep hoping and keep loving over and over again..

  4. @Jack..

    Fabulous answer! Thank You Mr. Phils. Contestant #1... hehehe...

    Nys answer... Kilig 2 da bones au ang audience ani bossing.. hehehe...

  5. Hahaha! Pang Beauty contests au mo ug answer..hehehe! asa naman ang uban news pa man :D hehehe!

    nwes, for the answer to my own question...

    i will tell "i love you" to my first bf :D
    hahahaha! bisag pagtubag nalang ug i love u saona ky wa gyud nako na buhat in the two weeks of our walay klaro relationship..hahaha!
    la that he'll know na love pud to nako xa gamay :D

    sorry? to the same person ra pud..i was sooooo mean to him mean man gyud ko saona :))

  6. @joey: hahahaha..unsa may nakakilig anang akong anser?hehehe

    @kring: dli na cya pang-beauty queen ug anser oi..realistic and idealistic anser na..hehehe..peace! nwe, mao na imong latest pic?tamboka na nimo oi..hahaha..

  7. @jack

    ka obvious anah nga pang kilig2x.. ky imo answer pang love mn.. hehehe... i can feel the love on air.. hahahaha...

    ingna imong uyab anah sa imong answer.. kiligon 2 for sure.. hehe.. samut nami.. audience... weeee

  8. hahaha! actually dili na mao ang pinaka latest jack! mas tambok ko karon..waaaaaaaaaaaa...que horror kaau..hahay! manambok baya gyud ko basta happy sa love bisag dili sa other parts :))

    nagdiet2x gani ko konohay..
    ambot ani..
    wala pa ko ka see sa output :))

    ok ra ng tambok man...hahaha!
    mudaut ra bitaw ko in time :D

  9. @joey: hehehe..i already told that to her personally and remotely through calls and texts..and she will always reply with "I'm yours and you're mine!"

  10. @kring: waaaaaaaaa..anyway, ok ra least healthy..akong love of my life man gud karon kay super conscious sa figure,mao sexy kau..hehehe..

  11. char! hahahahahaha! ka jack oist! hehehehe!
    hope for the best nya nimo jack :D hehehe!

    oi, maka receive ka sa notification mail? haha!
    ako nalang guro kwaon ang uban pips sa notif mail oi..basin ma flooded na ila inbox ug spam :))

  12. @jack

    :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

    waaaa.. ok2x.. *kilig*

    whoa! symbol of love is now floating on the air!

    :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

  13. @kring: yup, kareceive ko sa mail notification..pde dli ang company mail ang imo ibutang?ang ako lang yahoo mail ang ibutang sa notification kay company mail namo is for business purposes only..thanks :)

    @joey: hehehe..may kiligon ka kung makakita ka namo personally kung magkuyog mi.. :D

  14. mail me ra gud jack sa inyong personal mail :D

    ang paging pud sa others..hehehehe! mail me sa inyong mail na nahan mu naay update :D

    snacks time :D

  15. or pde ra pud :D

  16. @Kring & Ryan - try this thing called chat, trust me, it's a lot faster and direct, less corny and skanky to the avid anti-histrionics. No offense intended, just a thought. ^^;

  17. ahihihi :)
    oks ra na!
    lingaw2x ra man pud ni na blog! hehehe!
    we can use this whatever we want :D
    ahihihi :))

  18. kahilak man ta sainung answers ui!
    special mention: i like Joey's answers. :X

    @Kring: para nako di ka tambok, gurl. tu-o ka anang Jack. malnourished man gud. suya ra na nimo healthy ka. :D

    @Jack: uuuuy! sa lovelife!

    ----------my answers-----------

    kuan, di ko tihik ug I'M SORRY.
    So i always say those words every after away if ever kabalo ko naa koy na hurt (esp. on purpose :D) pero I LOVE YOU, tihik au ko. so..

    mine is:

    1. I LOVE YOU
    - to whoever my current love of my life will be.
    (past love is past love. i won't revive the dead. :D)

    2. I'M SORRY
    - to the people i will leave behind. because for sure at that time, i would have made 1 million promises, scheduled a dozen laags, told people i won't leave them... but then again.. i will be dying. so I will be saying sorry to them..


  19. hahaha! hi gurl! :D hehehe! futuristic pa ni na sorry? hehehe! okies ra na :D

    dapat nice gyud na kang jowe gurl ky dugay au na xa nahuman ana na tubag :)) ahihihi!

    weeee..thanks least duha namu akong daganan if ang tanan muingon na na tambok na au ko..haaay...

  20. lingawa nako sa inyong answers oy... :)

  21. mao jud ni akong kamingawan oy... ang spam... dli ko kaapil kaayo kay tulog ko sa time nga mag spam mo... ahahahah..

  22. @sunShine
    waaa.. thanks for the compliment.. hehehe...
    ako gyud na ang pag answer gud.. ky ako g.imagine nga niapil ko og beauty contest anah.. hahaha...

    dili tuod.. dali ra tuod ko nka tubag anah.. ky from the heart gud na nga answer! char.. hehehe

  23. @cors: waaaaa..lage! pero hapit naman nya ka mabalik sa day cors noh?

    @joey: ayaw lage ug deny time-man bya taka atoh :D hehehe!

    Naa koi conclusion :D
    mas nice mg spam dinhi :D hahaha!

  24. guys siguroha lang jud nga nga walay magdugo nga kasing-kasing sa inyong mga answers..hehhehe

  25. @rej: hahaha..wla ko nasuya oi and dli ko malnourished..mao lang gyud ni akong lawas..kaw hap...hehehe..di ko gnahan ug tambok pd oi...hehehe..nice gyud ng sexy.... :P

    @aying: ok ra na ying...lingaw2 ra ning mga ansers dri..ana gyud na bsta dugay2 n wla ngcommunicate, mgspam daun...mga spammers!hahaha :D

  26. di nako ganahan ug past2x.
    sad, blurry, bitterness-laced akong past.
    kapoy na. present in future sense na akong answers. heheheh..

    @Kring: sure gurl, dagan ako naay muingon nimo tambok ka kay akong laparuhon. :P

    @Jack: nahan ka sexy kay sexy man imong uyab karon. our preferences always change in the direction of our current affection.

    @Joey: winner ka, geng! hahaha... :))

  27. @aying: waaaa! oks ra na ying..for lingaw2x sake ra ni :D

    @rej: thanks au gurl :D wow...i like the bitterness-laced word gurl :D hehehe!

    @jack: hahaha! i agree with rej gurl..nahan ra ka ky sexy na imong uyab..but someday mutambok ra pud na xa..hahahaha! so mg expect na mi na ilisdan na nimo ug sexy na pud :))

    wow! :D mabawa!

  28. @rej and kring: waaaaaaaa...saonz...nice mn gyud ang sexy, walay baby fats, etc...although machange ang preferences nato but we cant deny the fact that WE(guys) gnahan gyud ug sexy... :P

  29. @Jack: ayaw i generalize tanan guys ui. speak for urself. :P

    @Kring: yah, bitterness-laced. hehehe.. :D

    @Joey: asa naman u? :P

    @All: excited nako ugma :D :D

  30. @kring: pwede sad ka modagan nko kring kung naay moingon nimo na tambok ka kay ingnon pud tika na tambok ka just to confirm hahahah

  31. @kring: pwede sad ka modagan nko kring kung naay moingon nimo na tambok ka kay ingnon pud tika na tambok ka just to confirm hahahah

  32. @rej: bagay, sakto ka..hehehe..

  33. @Anonymous: ok cge..mudagan ko nimo :D paila sa kinsa kah! hehehehe! weird au ka ai..ikaw ra gyud anonymous here :D hahahaha!

  34. @kring: hahhaha gdisable lagi ang anonymous... heheh ang first na anonymous kay dli na ako basin magtuo mo na ako sad to cya hehehhe

  35. @kring: pde nimo idisable ang anonymous nga mocomment sa atong blogspot? d b suppose to be this is our blogspot sa atong ASI batch?..just a thought..

  36. waaaaaa! akong gidisable para mailhan nako kinsa ang ni comment sa kani

    @kring: pwede sad ka modagan nko kring kung naay moingon nimo na tambok ka kay ingnon pud tika na tambok ka just to confirm hahahah "

    wahihihi! mission accomplished!

    ikaw gyud bray! gahapon pa ka hap!

  37. @jack: ako na gi-disable..sori kau :D gi enable man to nko kay murag namingaw..nya katong nahan ko ang uban pips maka greet sa mga bday celebrants :D hehe!

  38. @rej

    naa mn japon kow.. nalingaw rako og basa2x sa n.u messages.. now moapil nku ky niapil nmn c bryan.. gnina mn gud ky murag outcast kow.. haha..


    ayaw og supak lgi nla.. hahaha... ka piso nuon ka!.. weeee

  39. @joey: mao lagi...hahaha... :D

    @all: groupjump nlang kaya atong gamiton sa atong batch? pde ta mgchat dd2, posts, games, etc..pde sad video chat..just a suggestion..hehehe :D

  40. @JE: hahha lay klaro... ako pa jud imo ghuwat... hehehe

    @jack: sakto c JE jack... ayaw og supak nila kay naa na sila connivance... hehehe

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. @Blackcondor

    naghuwat rmn ko og naai mo insert sa ilang conversation... hehe... di ko nahan nga masamuk cla gud.. hehehe...


    btaw2x.. ala kay dag-anan bsta mag volt-in na cla.. hehehe..

    P.S. nag brown out gyud dri kadiyot.. waaa.. naputol nuon atong spam2x.. hehehe..

  43. spam resume na sad ta guysh! hehehe! actuali dili man ang brown out ang nakaputol sa atong spam2x oist! ang blogspot man mismo oi...

    divah nag error to ganina? waaaaaaaa..kamu man gud..spammers kaau ai este, ako diay :))

    ngita na sad mu lain na entry beh para atong ma spamman na sad :D hahaha!

  44. hehehehe..nalingaw gyud ko basa2x ani..the forgotten blog..hehe! magsaba2x nasad ko diri kay padung naman december..magamit nasad ni natoh sa atong sabot2x..hehehe!