Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chooks @ !PH

Looking at Dario's pictures, I am inspired to post. Weeeeeeee!

I'm happy many of our chooks have been working in other countries already. I hope I could be one of them soon. Hayst :( I wish I could get my passport already. Waaaaaaaaa!

Picked some nice pose of chooks from outside the Philippines. Enjoy!

May these pictures inspire others like it did to me. Weeee! One picture missing though.Grace made her profile inaccessible.I cannot get her picture :(

Tine  in Malaysia

Cena in Japan

Dario in Singapore

Dea in Japan

Jen in Japan

Ristie in Japan
Study and Travel

Rej in Singapore

Candy in Japan


  1. ok rana kring. maka abroad ra puhon ;))

  2. hala..OMG .. ang ako dagway :D

  3. @therealmaldito puhon kuya..puhon! hehe! laag nya ta ninyo!

    @Anonymous candy? dea? hmmmm!