Sunday, November 8, 2009

@ bluereef nov 6-7, 2009

thank you to our sponsors that could 
not join but still gave their contributions

thank you to those who came:
- Elgie, Joey, Joey's friend Dave, Rej, Wena, Dea, -
- Bryan, Jen, Jen's boyfriend DJ, Kresia and Dzulai -


@ Jollibee waiting for others...

@ the rented Multicab to Blueereef


@ Bluereef

food and friends. :)


  1. weeeeeee..thanks sa post and sa new look gurl :D

  2. after searching and filtering over 1,000 templates over the internet, nakita ra jud nako ni. hahaha.. it needs personalization.. i personalize nya ang CSS Bry. thanks! ehehehe!