Friday, November 27, 2009

CXP2009: Blackcondor's Wishes

Cat 1:
1. 16G USB
2. Guitar
3. Cash

CXP2009 : Stitch's Wishes

Cat 1:
1. gamay na pillow na stuff toy sad kanang ma hug2x

Cat 2:
1. dako na pillow na stuff toy sad kanang ma hug2x

CXP2009: Peter Pan's Wishes

1. May Bukas Pa Christmas album.. kanang permi e.flash sa TV
2. Laptop mouse(cute 1).. + USB connector sa akong PS2 nga keyboard(pobre)..

1. MP4 made in China lng ky barato2x rah

P.S. By Priority

Thursday, November 26, 2009

CXP2009: Lilo's WIshes

Category 1:
1. Joyfully Single by Harold Sala (@ Natio Bookstore)
or Huggable Stuff Toy (Yellow Color)

Category 2:
1. Big Huggable Stuff Toy (Yellow Color or Purple Color)

Category 1:

Choose any,
1. Any tagalog novels. Buy 10 if each pocketbook costs Php15. (@ Natio Bookstore)
2. Of Friends and Friendship Book by C. Torrenueva (@ Natio Bookstore)
3. Funny Quotes for Funny People Book 1 and 2 by C.S Canonigo (@ Natio Bookstore)
4. Joyfully Single by Harold Sala (@ Natio Bookstore)
5. Attitudes that attract success by Wayne Cordeiro (@ Natio Bookstore)

Category 2:
1. 2 GB Micro-SD
2. Twilight Timezone Card

CXP2009: Galaxy's Wishes

Habagat wallet (pwede sling or pilo2x)
Pwede pakapinan ug coca cola na glass (kato bitaw free sa mcdo, LIME ang color... mao nalang kulang nako)

pinaka barato na Keyboard na black

CXP2009: Avon's Wishes

1. Optical USB mouse
2. Headset (compatible to PC and laptop
-any headsets on the link whose price is 150 and up
3. Speaker (compatible to PC and laptop)
4. Webcam for PC
5. Q22 Duo Phone(Twilight Saga Phone)
- tali generous diay ang mohatag
6. Thinking.......
Note: not arranged according to priority

CXP2009: Darna's Wishes

category 1:
New Timezone Card (original blue card) then pakapina nalang pd ug 1 bear cellphone tag from blue magic.. lonely my cellphone.. no company :P barato ra bitaw na.. :D :D
category 2:
any stufftoy na big... OR...
pwede pd stufftoy na LION (pwede ra katong gamay bastt cute na lion ha..) from blue magic :D :D

Category 1
A New Timezone game card (the original blue card)
Category 2
Any big stufftoy

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

..of butterflies

I love butterflies. I enjoy watching them.

Butterflies are beautiful. You cannot believe that something as beautiful as a butterfly would originate from an ugly caterpillar.

A buttefly is patient. She stays inside her cocoon until its time for her to flap her wings and fly to flowers to flowers to flowers.

A butterly is dependent. She travels alone.


My life is like that of a butterfly. I was a caterpillar.
Right now I'd love to think that I am now in my cocoon waiting patiently for the right time to finally be FREE.
Or maybe I am still a caterpillar now.

Poll Question 2009-11-23

Would you like, vote for a candidate endorsed by your favorite artist?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

asi xmas 2009 theme

hello guysh!

kinsa nahan ninyo muuban nko mag disney princess?
weeeeee..nahan ko mg sleeping beauty ky ga PINK :P
magcinderella ta ko but ga BLUE man..sleeping beauty nalang ko :D

mao ni ato sundon oh!

sundon nalang nato ang color sa ilang gown..
mag-abang ra ta gowns..hehehe..
then let's wear crown..weeee..
cge nah! kinsa'y nahan?


Person A and B have been together-together for more than 6 years. And I thought they would last forever. Then came Person C. Person B liked Person C because Person C was cute. And its true. Person C was indeed cute. I mean, Person C is liked by most people because Person C is cute. I find Person C cute as well. The cuteness of Person C is something that no one needs to question. Anyway, Person C knows that Person B liked Person C. So, when Person B tried to show some interest, Person C ride on. Person C also showed some interest which made Person B hopeful. Person C knows that a certain Person A exist in Person B. But Person C still continued playing games with Person B. Person A was not aware that Person C and Person B have been playing games and Person A never suspected anything out of Person C and Person's B closeness. Now there came a time that Person B broke up with Person A. And this shattered Person A's vision and beliefs in L-O-V-E. Person A went after Person C. Person A confronted Person C but Person C played Pontius Pilate and denied everything. So, Person A confronted Person B. They had a huge fight and became enemies for many years. All this time people think that Person B is the rightful person to be blame. Because Person B cheated and communicated with Person C behind Person A. Well, the real story was, Person C took ADVANTAGE of Person B. Person C took ADVANTAGE of the fact that Person B has a little something for Person C. Person C gave meaningful hints to Person B that made Person B hopeful. So, the rightful person that should have suffered in this dramatic trio was Person C. Because Person C was the one who took ADVANTAGE! But right now, its Person B who is suffering. Friends are drifting apart from Person B. There was even a time that Person B did not join a reunion something because he was so ashamed.

Person A is happy now. Person A has moved on.
Person B is still sufferning.
Person C is ..... and will forever be innocent because Person C is the new Pontius Pilate. Person C denied involvement.


bulls eye :(

I'm about to turn off the pc yet I suddenly remember about Bo's subscription mail today...
Wow! Bulls eye! :( This article hit me. This got me in a reflection mood.
Check this out. See if you'll have the same effect.


Friday, November 20, 2009

of needing people.. :)

kring sent me a text message yesterday. it read, "Do you know why God is extending my life till now? its not because i need it, its because someone else needs me."

I replied, "di pud oy. its because you add spice to someone's life just like you do in mine."

Reply pud c kring, "uu.. sa imo kay add-on ra, pero sa ako family kay they need me to survive."

I believe our lives are extended because God wants us to learn and touch other people more. He wants us to teach other people even when they do not appreciate it. Or even when we do not get something in return. And their lives are extended as well not because they need to burden us but because we need them as well. A good person needs a bad person to remind him to be always good so as not to turn into a bad person. An independent person needs a dependent person to remind him to work hard so as not to be like these dependent people. We need each other. Of course, there would be a time that we might feel tired and fed up. And that is totally normal. We can scream and rant about these people but at the end of the day, they are still our responsibility. We may run and hide from our responsibilities but I know, later on, the responsibilities that we are running from, are actually the responsibilities we like to take charge of.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kring's 1st Weekend of Nov

Morning Kuya :D

Sori la ko ka reps sa imo msg last week :))
been thinking to reps but nawala sa akong mind gyud..nalimot ko..waaaaaaaaa!
sori desu :D hapit na nihongo pko tuon2x..
ngtuon2x ko last last week but karon nawala na sad akong zest :D

Lain na pud akong gikalingawan..hahahaha!
Mood2x man gud ning ako..weee! At long last nana gyud ko akong own site kuya..
mao ni akong gikalingawan pagsat..weeeee..lingaw au ko buhat2x niya..
dghan pa wala nahuman oist..but at least nana ang mga links sa uban
nakong sites..dili nko malimot..ang probs nalang ky pgtrack sa mga usernames
and passwords..cge na gyud ko super kalimot lately kuya..haaay! mao ni ako
pangitaan way how to preserve sa mga usernames and passwords..hehe!

ma habit na gyud ni nko kuya ai..
kaning narrating my weekend to u..hehehe..i hope ma habit pud nko na di malimot
ug reply nimo..dili man ta ko busy..hehehe

anyways, nag-outing mi sa blue reef with ako asi batchmates pagfriday night
kuya. Overnyt. Almost 7 AM na mi sa sat nanguli. Hehe! Outing wa totemo
tanoshikatta desu. Sayang lang kay gamay ra pics. Wala'y nagdala ug cam gud.
But okies lang, dghan pa bitaw next tym. What's good kay lingaw au mi cge
katawa. :)

Then pagsat, sa bhaus ra ko. Nagmake sa akong website. :D
Nana man tako own host oi. katong sa x10hosting kaya lang nalimot ko.
:( Nagmake na sad ko new site sa lain na pud na free hosting.
Awa niya kuya :D pagsunday na nako gi upload akong site
before mi nanimba ni migo. lingaw ra pud ko. ako niya ni pun-on. hehe!

kaw kuya? musta ang imong weekend pud?

Te Kring

Sunday, November 8, 2009

@ bluereef nov 6-7, 2009

thank you to our sponsors that could 
not join but still gave their contributions

thank you to those who came:
- Elgie, Joey, Joey's friend Dave, Rej, Wena, Dea, -
- Bryan, Jen, Jen's boyfriend DJ, Kresia and Dzulai -


@ Jollibee waiting for others...

@ the rented Multicab to Blueereef


@ Bluereef

food and friends. :)

forgot the camera

the bluereef outing last november 6-7, 2009.
elgie, joey, joey's friend dave, rej, wena, dea, bryan, jen, jen's boyfriend dj, kresia, dzulai

Friday, November 6, 2009

reaction to rej's post :))

gurl..ari lang ko mu react ha..
gikapoy gyud ko ug basa then sulat ang akong reaction
per type..wahihihi..adika nko ako nalang gi migrate :D
ayaw ra kalain ha..wahihihi :))


> 1. mam & pap
> 2. kuya
> 3. cousins
> 4. lola, aunts& uncles (relatives)
> 5. my best friend
> 6. college bosom buddies;) mga B! hehe;)
> 7. high school lifelong friends
> 8. ex ka-barkadas
> 9. someone from my senior year in high school;)
> 10. reserved for someone na muabot pa.. ;)
1. my family (1 to 4 merged)
2. my future maid of honor
3. my newbies
4. my high school lifelong friends
5. my college barkada and close friends
6. my bestfriends (from the first one to the latest that i've lost. hahaha..)
7. my officemates
8. someone from my senior year (why oh why can't i forget him.. haha)
9. reserved for someone na muabot pa.. :)
10. someone. :) :)

> 1. wallet
> 2. cellphone
> 3. cologne
> 4. hanky
> 5. ballpen
> 6. powder
> 7. comb
> 8. mga papel-papel... hehe
> 9. rosary
1. wallet
2. cellphone
3. IDs
4. cologne
5. pen
6. powder
7. comb
8. mga papel-papel (hahaha, resibo actually.. pang flex ben!)
9. rosary

gurl..nanu ala nakai hanky karon? hehehe!

> 1. boiled corn
> 2. Nagaraya nuts
> 3. french fries
> 4. spaghetti
> 5. ice cream
> 6. chiffon/chocolate cake
> 7. corn chips
> 8. pizza
1. burger
2. spaghetti
3. Doritos (tungod ni ni Dea.. :P)
4. ice cream
5. chiffon cake
6. nachos sa Cabanas
7. french fries
8. tempura with iced tea on plastic cellophane

hahahaha! murag ni change imong food likeness nah..hehehe..
ice cream ug spag nalang ang constant :D

> 1. the cutting edge
> 2. finding nemo
> 3. bring it on 1 & 2
> 4. bring it on
> 5. white chicks
> 6. shark tale
> 7. unfaithful 
1. the cutting edge 
2. sisterhood of the traveling pants 1 & 2
3. sex and the city (the movie)
4. mean girls
5. the big fish
6. yes man
7. little manhattan

asta pud ang movies..lahi na imong likeness..hehehehe :D
guro mu change gyud as time moves noh? hmmm..
ako ky same ra gyapon akong gi think na ganahan..
basin na change na ni nya la lang nako gi note ky nahan au
ko ug constant2x churvalo ek-ek..hmmm...

> 1. clean-cut hair
> 2. intelligent
> 3. can carry his clothes very well
> 4. thoughtful
> 5. responsible
> 6. has a good sense of humor & a good conversationalist.. uhmm, sabaan? hehehehe;)
1. clean-cut hair. maka swoon :P
2. intelligent.
3. thoughtful
4. responsible
5. a loving son
6. a wonderful friend

hahahaha! weeeeeeee...pare-prehas ta nahan sa guysh except number one..
not so particular au ko ug long as like-able...
and MYSTERIOUS payts nah! wahihi!

> 1. bad hair cut
> 2. silent type
> 3. weird
> 4. shorter than me... hehe
> 5.
1. silent type
2. feel nako ang weird na sweet. oh ha! :P:P
3. ayoko talaga ng shorter than me..
4. ayoko rin ng macho at ubod ng gwapo dahil either babaero or bakla ang mga yan!
5. bad manners at walang galang sa parents at friends.

hahahaha! nanung nahan ka silent type?
pare-parehas ni sa akong mysterious churva ek-ek?

> 1. friendly
> 2. happy-go-lucky
> 3. may sense of humor
> 4. responsible (char! slight lang man.. hehe)
(ka high school sa akong answers oi! haha)
1. pikon ako. more like, highblood. :))
2. i'm not friendly pala.. but i am a good friend. super. pero i have a term limit. :P
3. dili ko korny and di ko kasabot ug korny usahay.. but i do love jokes. :P
4. responsible. sure nako. :))

hahahaha! murag number 4 nalang nahibilin..
guess nailhan na nimo imong self better now..
> 1. Simple Plan Cd hehehe:)
> 2. love
> 3. happiness
1. ALIAS season 1 DVD 
2. A volleyball ball
3. stufftoys :D

waaaaaaaaaa...kuyawa sa imobg mga ganahan saona..
usa ra ang specific..karon..puros specific..hehehe..

(except your family, relatives, etc.)
> 1. closest college friends
> 2. closest high school friends
1. my newbies
2. my newbies babies ;))

weeeeeeeeeeeee...nahan au ko ani na answer..
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...yeah..akong answer ani ky same pud..
but i longer guro nko ang lista :))

> 1. haha;) secret!
1. ahha,.. ka remember ko kinsa akong pasabot ana na time but this time, sure ko di na xa..

hahahaha! kinsa naman ni gurl?
haven't meet him pah?

how would you remember me?

i'm reading the biography of Alfred Hitchcock now.
the line below caught me.

Hitchcock was a lonely, imaginative, obese child, raised Catholic and
trained to give his mother the day's confession every night.

that one line i think clearly gives me a view of
what he was before.
with that in mind, it drove me to start this entry.

as my friends, acquaintances, and others..
i wanted you to describe me, just like that author
describe Alfred Hitchcock.

No holds barred. Just be true.
I won't take it against you, promise :)

do it in this manner please...

- Your name,
Your relation to me, Posted Date

can u do that for me?
thanks. i'll be waiting. just take your time :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

how much can u share?

Can you name the person you love right now? just there first name
Do you have someone that you just can't stop thinking about throughout your days? Always on your mind no matter what you do?
Is it possible to fall in love with someone's voice?
If you felt like you were falling in love with someone, would you tell them, or would you hold back your feelings for fear of rejection?
Have you met the love of your life?
If you have ever been heartbroken than just put your name down, you dont need to explain, just so i know im not the only one suffering
Does being in love inspire you to want to be a better person?
How far are you willing to go to prove your love?
Can you love and be in love with someone you don't find physically attractive?
When was the last time someone said to you "i love you"?
Why would someone fall in love with you?
After a person turns Fifty are they too old for to fall in love?
What's holding you back from opening your heart more fully?
Who has been your greatest source of unconditional love?
Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?
Using no more than five words, describe your first true love.
Whose eyes would you love to be looking into right now?
Can you honestly say you love yourself?
Who have you given your heart to?
Have you given up on Love?
Describe your love life in three words or less.
Are you 100% sure that, if you're in a relationship, and somebody better came along, you would never leave your loved one?
Have you ever hated someone that you loved?
What is more important, to love or to be loved?
Stop for ONE second....Think of ONE thing about your Significant Other that makes you smile...The FIRST thing you thought of......What is it.....
If the person you loved were to walk into your house right now and tell you they loved you, what would you do?
Are u with the love of your life.
So... how's your love life these days?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloweekend run through

a letter for a friend.
recall on my activities from october 30 - november 2, 2009

hello kuya :)
how ish u? i hope ur doing great sa imong weekend pud :D
mine ky lingaw kaau..hehe :)

nagleave ko pagfriday. halloween dress-up pa naman sa alliance so wala ko kaapil. ok ra pud kay wala pud ko costume man. nagtambay rako sa ilang migo pag AM. Nagdance revo, watch movie ug facebook :)) lakaw mi pag 3PM kay mag-abot na xa iya elementary batchmates for Carcar departure. Mag elementary reunion man cla didto. Medyo na down ko when i bid goodbye ai. Dili gyud ko nahan mu goodbye gud. Ka OA-han man gud ko kung goodbye2x nah. to forget my ka OA-han, nagwindow shopping ko sa boutique sa e-mall. then medyo kulang man, niadto ko sa colon. i bought new case for my phone ( pink :D ), very guba na ang original case niya. mg 1 year na biya to since gi buy to namu ni migo as christmas gift to me :D hmmm..hapit na pud christmas..unsa na pud kaya ako nahan noh?! hmmm...back to topic..after didto, dghan pa ko gi window shop..adto ko hundred islands mall..plan ta nko mu buy ug novena sa kalag per mama's request, kaso gabii naman so ala nalang..nihapit sad ko sa unitop-colon..then out of the blue, nireklamo akong tiyan na gutom na xa..kita ko sa bbqhan atbang..murag lingaw ikaon ky dghan tao..since lonely ko when i'm alone didto ko nikaon..down gyud ako feeling..ka OAhan gyud kaayo..hahaha! ni eat ko ug dako na fish na tag50 ug 2 ka poso..dili ta ko mg pepsi ky conscious kono but la koi choice..matuk-an ko! haha! naay videokehan adto..nasuya ko sa nikanta so after nikanta pud ko...hahahaha! la gyud ko naulaw..akong thinking ky wala bitaw cla kaila nako..hahaha :)) but nice to na experience...I LIKE IT :)) after niuli nko sa bhaus..nag internet...nanlimpyo ug unsa pa to akong gi kuri-kuri then naka remember ko ug text ni ralf. ng-ask ko asa cla. naa daw cla sa calda's lahug. mao to niapas ko...magmake lang ko separate entry sa events sa calda's. hehehehe...mutaas na nya ni maayo..nauli ko from calda's ky almost 4 na guro toh..sleep daun..

ang celfone gyud una nako gitan-aw pagmata nako pagsaturday
..nagcheck ko if naa ba messages akong migo..hehehe..ka OAhan na pud gud..naay 2 messages..naabot na c migo sa balay nila..weeee..happy au ko..hehe! naligo ko then nilakaw after. bought pink and green candles at gaisano and others..dghan ko gipalit..then home sweet bhaus..nanglimpyo daun ko..wala koi eat bisag 4 pm text c rejgurl na muvisit sa bhaus, la ko ka reps daun ky busy gyud ko limpyo...naabot c migo mga 6PM..taod2x abot rejgurl..dghan au food..waaa..nabawi ang akong wholeday no food :D ni watch mi anime elfin lied while eating..brutal au na anime..nilakaw c migo mga 7..then ni stop mi rejgurl ug watch anime kay ngchika text c migo na manlaag with his high school friends, i tag rejgurl along...lingaw au pud among laag..make niya ko separate entry sad ani..unya na if nana ang pics :D after namo sa coffe2x at la maria, it park nagvideoke mi sa cabanas :D pag-gawas namu sakyanan ky nabilin ang yawe sa sulod so niuli pa c migo para kuya sa yawe :D waaaaa...mga almost 4 am na mi nauli...sooo nice :)

i woke up at 7:30 AM last sunday. ako planned mata kay mga 10 pa unta ky almost 5 na gyud ko natug..but for some odd reason, something push me na mumata na gyud ug sayo...hehehe..adto daun ko freedom park mga 8 AM. lingaw ko pang-hangyo sa flowers..dghan au ko na buy na nys flowers and naglisod gyud ko pagdala..after ky ni stop ko sa Sto. Nino to buy novena sa kalag..buotan au ang tindera kay gipangitaan gyud ko niya ug plastic kay naglisod gyud daw ko dala sa bulak..medyo dghan sad man gyud akong napalit.. hehe...touching au ni ai..mgmake pud ko ug separate blog for this one..hehehe..then bhaus na daun ko..ngprepare then uli sa among bukid... dali ra au ko kasakay sa sweat..ang akong expectation kay mgsuperlinya ko..hahaha! glad gyud ko sa mga kalag :D este mga saints diay..then amo na daun...

abot ko amo mga 10 AM..chika..had lunch...sleep..chika na pud..cge away ni AG..naligo. niadto daun sa uling cemetery..gihatud ang super nys flowers na akong hinangyoan sa carbon nya nysly arranged ni tatay nato...then niadto daun sa Cantabaco Cemetery pag mga 5PM..nanagkot..dghan mi gidagkotan...C mama, dodong gigil, dodong ag ug inday velou akong kuyog..after ky ni hapit mi akong lola Poren..giaway ko sa akong mga auntie..i'm sooo tambok na daw..waaaaa...katawa ra ko..bahala cla :)) actually, samok au mga tao sa amo..cge comment sa akong tambok daw..grrrrr!

nakauli mi amo mga 8PM..nagnovena..nagduka while nagnovena :( kapoy kaya gyud to magsaka2x sa nitso oi..crowded man gyud au ng cantabaco cemetery..paghuman novena kay natug..ang plan namo nila mama ky magbilar by 10PM..pagmata nko, na shock ko kay buntag na..first time november 1 sa gabii na wala ko ka bilar sa menteryo...waaaaaaa...

mga 1 PM nako nimata..puli2x cla pukaw nako but super tapolan gyud ko..hahaha! pagwala nay namukaw nako ky nibarog ra ko ug ako..hahaha! kapoyan ko mubarog kung naay mamukaw gud :)) naglunch..ngwatch movie..natug :)) pag mga 4PM, ngyawyaw na si mama na paligoon na daw ko ky managkot nami..tapol na pud. taod2x paghunog ug yawyaw ni mama ky naligo nako. hahaha! basta lage naay manugo nako didto or magdemand ky di nako buhaton..unya nko mulihok kung wala na'y manamok :)) hahahaha! i'm so changed na gyud oi..and i love it :)) nana koi sungay! weeeeee....

nakit-an nako akong close friends sa menteryo..kit-an nko first c hyra ug iya mama..chika2x ra mi kadiut..then kit-an nako next c marilou, iya mama ug akong kinugos...dako na au c 3rdie ay...hapit na bya birthday ato..pagkita nako sa akong kinugos ka remember ko sa akong plan na mglista diay nilang tanan..last count nko ky 12 ko kibaw if 12 ra ba gyud..hehehe...needed pa bya ko mgbudget sa pinaskohan bya..hehehehe :)) dapat ma make na ni nko soon...hehehe!

after menteryo, wala mi niuli diretso amo..hapit mi sa buwangan..nalingaw ko didto tabi2x ni ate! ngrecall mi ni dodong gigil sa among maninda experience there..hahahaha! kataw-anan gyud to..hay..lingawa gyud sa akong life saona oi...hehehehe...taod2x ngdinaganay ang mga tao ky nagkagubot man..dalia lage nko nakadagan nya gigukod c dodong AG..sus! unsaon nalang ug mayatakan...hehehe..minor ra noon ang kagubot..ngsinumbagay pacify na pgtaod2x...but ako ky nakulbaan gyud..niuna nako uli nila mama ky nahan pa man cla amo ky ni watch ko ug movie na The Trek...thailander na gyud ko kasabot sa ilang language kay lay subtitle but naka grasp ra man sad ko sa story...saons nalang ug dili ko kasabot noh, nga c AG man gani na 5 years old pa kay cge ug una2x ug story..waaaaaa..ahaka bataa..nalupigan ko..unhan lage ko sa scenes...hehehe..

nauli cla mama..mao to ni decide na mi dodong na muuli na sa cebu pg mga 5:30 guro toh...
ng via naga mi daun punta daun emall ky super lisod au ang bus..
pag-abot sa emall ky ngwithdraw ko..hatagan money c dodong..gidala ni dodong ang ako things and niuna xa bhaus..namalit ko ug biscuits, oatmeal and iced tea powder para dal-on sa south office..adto daun ko ila migo after...

that ends my halloweekend..
waaa..taasa oi..apas lang nya nako ang uban..
dghan mi picture2x gyud..asta sa menteryo ngpicture2x lage akong manghud :))
hahaha! aw ampay pud nako..hahaha :))

til sa sunod kuya...