Monday, June 23, 2008

Corie's Weekend!

June 21, 2008 --
The wind was blowing real hard. It looks as if its going to blow off our neighbor's roof. I was still on bed even when my bedside clock keeps telling me that its already 8 am. In a way, i dont want to get up. i dont feel like doing anything anyway. and i just want to drown myself in my dreams. i want to be in dreamland.. but i have to be up. or else, i would be hearing the ranting and nagging of my mother. so i was up. but half of me is still lost in some dreamland.

After eating my breakfast and doing the household chores assigned to me, I flicked on the tv and watched sound of music. hehehe... theres not much to do anyway in this rainy saturday morning.. hehehe.. :D After watching the sound of music, i watched cutting edge 3. its a nice film. it talks about being a team. wat it means to be a team. theres a line there that your teammate is more than just a friend. you win and lose all at the same time. your teammate is your life. hehehe... then i watched greys anatomy season 3 for like the nth time already.. hehehe.. :D

After which, i went to sleep. When i woke up, it was already 8 in the evening. I hurriedly ate my supper and then took a batch after. Then I continued watching greys anatomy. im such a killer for that series... hehehe... i dont know, sometimes i just can relate myself to some of the charaters there. Sometimes, im like izzie... very sensitive and kind and helpful. at some moments, im like cristina, headstrong and focused.. at rare moments, im like meredith, wanting to disappear and be with the person i care about. and there are those moments when im like george, clumsy and funny. and there are also those moments when im being alex karev. hehehe.. im weird. anyways, i watched till like midnight. and off to dreamland i went after!

June 22, 2008 --
Guess wat? the sun is up! woohoo.. hehehe.. :D
I was already up by 6 am and was able to finish all my chores around 11 am.
hehehe... after which, i watched SOP on gma7 and took a bath around 2 pm. then i went to my lolas house... :D
there, i listened to some music and had a short chat session with sean. Around 5 pm, i prepared myself for my reading for the 6 pm mass.. Then around 5:30, the wind was howling real hard again... i had to ride on my way to the church when in fact it is just a walking distance..

After the mass, we ate our dinner and went home. At home, we had a chitchat with the entire family and then they went to sleep. As for me, i continued watching greys anatomy and didnt went to sleep until 1 am. And even when i was in bed around 1 am. I was not asleep until 3 am. i dont know but i cant seem to drift off to sleep. im thinking of someone that i shouldnt be thinking about. its not like this person has been talking or communicating even. its been wat? 8 years? and still i am thinking of the same person. i dont know, its either i havent moved on, or i just dont want to..

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