Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rej's waterless weekend. 2009/09/19 - 21 (Holiday)

Sunday morning. 2009/09/20.
No water. whole day.

Woke up at Dea's on 11am. We slept late again. For usual reasons like uh, talking? :P
Took a bath first. Ate grapes while Dea took a bath.
Went out to lunch. Chose Jollibee AS Fortuna with Bryan.
Ate rice meals. Parted ways with Bryan. Went to buy groceries.

Rewind: Saturday 2009/09/19.
No water. whole day.
No water at Rej's boarding house. Option: sleepover at Dea's for the mean time.
No other eventful thing happened. Oh, yeah. Dea and I went out for a little videoke with some new friends.. 
until 2am :))

Resume: Sunday morning. 2009/09/20.
Grocery top list: Food and Milk.
Drank milk sample. Wanted to switch Milk brands. Stuck to the original brand.
Saw an almost 300-peso worth body mist. I wanted to buy it. Dea whined. I bought it. Hehe..
Sunday night. Went home. No water still :(( Went to bed.

Monday: 2009/09/21.
No water. whole day.
Dea's YM message. "Meet at Colon then go to Chong Hua Hospital". Rej, "why???". 
Dea replies: "Get sportsfest sample shirt printout. Norf's wife might had just given birth."

Got to colon before 5pm. Then it rained. I wanted to buy an umbrella. Dea whined. I didn't buy an umbrella.

Ran across colon intersection because it was raining still. Got the shirt. Ran back to buy balloons for norf's baby.
Bad move. Metro Colon had no machine to pump balloons. Disappointed

Went back to ASI South with Dea. Dea rendered OT that day. 

Went to Chong Hua Hospital. Found the Nursery section. Wasn't able to recognize Norf's baby. 

Went to look for Norf. Found Norf. Accompanied Norf to buy food. Found ourselves at Robinson's. We bought food. Went back to the hospital. Met Cielo, Norf's wife. Stayed to chat. 

A Nurse arrived with Baby Eliza Jane Gaviola

She was still hours young. Dea was the first to carry her, then Norf, then Me, then Cielo. What a small human being! :) :) :) We left the hospital minutes later. 

Ate dinner at Larsian. Eat. Talk. Chat. Gossip. Hehehe.
Went home at Dea's. Eat. Talk. Chat. Gossip. Hehehe. Until 4 am.

Tuesday: 2009/09/22.
Woke up at 5:30 am. Cooked breakfast. Ligo ligo..
Arrived at IT Park, 9:22 am. (Aboitiz time-in: 8:30am, no flex) was late again. But it's okay. Our fault. Tabian man si Dea mao naapil nuon ko ug tabi maau. Hehe..!

Tuesday night. Water resumed but not at its good condition.
Went to Dea's house again. Brought cakes. Arrived earlier than Dea. Went to snooze.
Dea arrived with empty stomach. Cooked Meatloaf.
Ate and ate. Prepared to sleep at 1am. 

Early morning the next day..
I vomitted. Dea vomitted.
Sick leave in the morning. Work in afternoon.

Yey, water at Rej's resumed. 
SInce Tuesday night pa pala. But I had to sleep at Dea's gyapon.
I needed to chat. Hehehe...! :P

-- THE END --


  1. send my congratulations to norf and his wife..cute kaau ang baby :D

  2. wow..i like the color2x for emphasis gurl :D
    nwes, luoy pud kay walay water but okies ra gyapon, gi adopt bitaw ka ni dea..hehehe! intriga ko sa new friends na videoke at 2 am..girls ni? :P

    cute au c baby eliza..hay! kahinumdum lang ko..nanganak pud ako college boi pag's everywhere..very nice :)

  3. @kring
    paghimo na sad mo baby ni july para nana sad mo baby..hehehe..joke lang.. :D

    keep posting for updates..dri nalang ta mag-update2 tnan..hehehe..take care.. :D

  4. @Kring: hehehe.. naay girls.. and murag boys man guro tong uban... ahahah :))

  5. @jack: on the process na mi jack..announce lang nya nko diri if nana :D joke! hehehe!

    magtigum pa mi daan oi..di ko ganahan magminyo na naay baby na..nahan ko naa pa mi 2 years as married couple na wala'y baby..mahadlok na ko ug baby karon gyud..the thought of a baby changing my priorities in life scares me a lot..fanatic pa naman au ko ug bata sa ganahan ra man gyapon ko ug baby..but baby sa uban..i no longer wish very much na naa koi ako..ok ra nako wala :D