Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chook ’s Christmas 2009

It has been our tradition to have our own Christmas celebration. For the last 2 years, it was celebrated by a dinner and a secret Santa gift exchange. Christmas 2007 was celebrated at Joven's Grill, Banilad. Bigby's, Ayala was the venue for our Christmas 2008. This year, a whole new celebration was held at Sta. Lucia Ville, Consolacion.  The customary dinner had become lunch and the usual secret Santa gift exchange was sprinkled by a Chook's touch.
We had lunch and swimming at Sta. Lucia Ville from 11:00 AM to 3 PM. After, the group excluding Candy, Grace, Riste and July, went to continue the celebration at Dario's house in Liloan. At Dario's, the group sang their hearts out while having the unique taste of the Padillo's hospitality.


        For the first time, we were honored that Candy graced our Christmas celebration with her presence, along with her buddies, Ristie and Grace. Ristie came with her boyfriend, Arturo, who is Joey's college and Kring's high school batch mate Joey was the first to arrive at the venue despite sleeping late the night before. Corie came with Jason. Dario was the fourth person to arrive. Kring came with July. Some minutes later, Jack came by himself, amazing everyone with his big gift.
At exactly 12 o'clock, the early birds decided to eat opting not to wait the others. Right after the meal prayer led by Corie, Rej came with Wena, Bryan and Elgie. They brought the food from Manila foodshoppe – the culprit of their lateness. Someone then said "Maayoha, mu timing nila oy! Kaon na man!" Everyone got the joke and laughed.
After lunch, some proceeded to swimming and the others, chatting. The people who have gone swimming were Kring, Joey, Wena, July, Jason and Elgie. At around 1 o'clock, Kristine arrived. Another hour passed, everyone was amazed to see Ristie and Grace coming. They were able to come despite their OT at South office. Our hearts really went out to them.

The Chook's way of Secret Santa Gift Exchange

        The manito/manita schedule was 1 PM in the program but the group moved it to 3 PM. Yet due to Candy's request, it was moved again at 2 PM.
        The group had troubles at first on how to go about the gift exchange. Then someone suggested doing it like the "Sisira ng Bulaklak" game. Everyone agreed. We held hands in a form of circle while singing the "Sisira ng Bulaklak" song. When the music stopped, the giver stepped inside the circle and danced. The giver then guessed his/her Manitao. There was a suggestion that whoever fails at guessing would receive a slap. Fortunately, almost everyone failed, so the slapping was drowned in the group's boisterous laughter.
        It was such a funny gift giving way. Everyone was laughing. Happiness was plastered at every faces. Also, who wouldn't be happy when almost all received the gift they wanted. We couldn't believe people really made an effort to give the category 2 wishes. Guess not everyone realized yet of how much we love and value each other.

The Party Continues
        The first decision was to continue the party at Joey's. Due to a unanimous decision, it was changed to Dario's because of the videoke availability.
        The group proceeded to Dario except July, Ristie and Grace who still had OT at South Office.
Pictures and Citations
Chooks Christmas 2009 was fabulous!  
Special thanks to everyone who made it possible.
More thanks to all who participated.
Kita kitz, next year, Chooks!

Organizing Committee: Kring, Joey, Rej,
Supporting Committee: Corie, Bryan, Wena, Elgie, Dario
Participants: Candy, Kristine, Grace, Ristie, Jack
Official Guests: Arturo (Watcher), Jason (Photographer), July (Handler)

Pictures will be uploaded soon! :D

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