Friday, September 24, 2010

Ristie's 24th Bday @ Alejandro's

Along with non-chook friends, Ristie celebrated her 24th bday at Alejandro's in Capitol area. It was my first time there. Though it was not that big, the atmosphere was cozy and comforting. I think it's ideal for small group gathering like birthdays and anniversaries. The place was known for its Crispy Pata - and truly, its the best Crispy Pata I've tasted so far.

The attendees were (chooks) me and my migo, gem and hubby, grace, rowena and birthday girl, ristie; non-chooks cocoy, tags, jantoy and carlo.

Pictures will be uploaded soon.

Thanks Mam Rist for the libre!
May God bless you with more years!
More blessings and happiness!
May you celebrate more birthdays with us.
May next time more chooks can attend already.


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