Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i don't wanna be a "Leaner"...

i guess that's it.

i'm a not an emotional vampire, i'm a leaner.
i lean too much on my friends that when they fail to be there for me,
i get jealous and often make tampo... and this is not an identity crisis!

i don't want to be a leaner anymore.. so i am keeping a safe distance to all my friends..
i'm not going to text you random nothingness, and i won't call when i miss you guys.
but you guys call me, okay? i don't care what time, when or how you do it, but you call me when you need me. i won't judge. you know i never will.

makulit minsan me eh.. hehe.. i just miss my friends these days..
and missing them makes my days kulang. it's so kulang!
but i'm trying not to show how affected i am. char. hehe..

to my friends i haven't kept in touch, sorry..
to my friends i failed to update on my whereabouts, i'm fine and i'm sorry..
to my friends i dissed for personal, dramatic, booo reasons, i'm sorry but i'm just human..

i don't want to fight anymore..


i'm sticking to this great lyric from now on..

"if this world makes you crazy and you've taken all you can't bear,
you call me up... because you know i'll be there."


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