Monday, April 16, 2012

A Celebration of 5 years of Friendship

 Alright, I maybe am exaggerating a little. Our friendship and bond didn't really start 5 years ago today but the spark starts there. I can still remember how giddy and scared I was of a new world. I didn't plan to be friends with anyone. On the first day, I remember to be just there, smiling a little and more wary of the bad things that would come instead of enjoying the new world with all my heart and soul.


The picture above was taken in UP Lahug. It was there that our first bonds were formed. That was us some time 5 years ago. Many things changed since then but I know that one thing remains, the laughter we exchanged every time we're together.

Despite being wary and cautious, being with Chooks help me become a better me. The virtues that I am proud to learn from them are forgiveness, understanding, patience and companionship. Time will fly and I will find new friends. Create new bonds yet Chooks will be forever the number one in my heart. And with all my might, I'll make sure we will stay together...apart in miles but near in heart. 

This is US last year on our 4th anniversary. 
From the original 17, our family gets bigger every year.

This year we will celebrate our anniversary this weekend at Mountain View. Our 2nd celebration in a getaway. We have our 1st at Bantayan Island last 2008.

Our official batch picture.

Today is the day Chooks commemorate our first day in the real world! Happy 5th anniversary of fun and everything in between, guys! Looking forward to more anniversaries with you. More years to come! Love you all. Miss some! Be happy and continue to be Chooks by heart wherever you are. Hugs!

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