Friday, September 18, 2009

Anibersaya Uno

A Day to Remember

by Joey Encarnacion

Before ...
Crystal-clear waters. White-sand beaches. Nature blessed beauty. Hospitable and charming people. Those descriptions comes to mind when thinking about Santa Fe, a municipality in Bantayan Islands, Cebu.

Now ...
Whenever, I thought of Santa Fe, memories of our first anniversary celebration flows freely inside my head. Mental snapshots of our celebration never fails to make my Santa Fe reminiscing something to smile about.

The date is April 20, 2008. With an early trip from North Bus Terminal thru Ceres Bus, our group arrive in San Remegio @ 8:30 AM. We ride the ferry @ 9:00 AM. The ferry's trip lasts for almost 2 hours. From Sta. Fe port, we're fetch by a multicab owned by Yoonek Beach Resort. We already had reservation to stay in the said resort. The room is spacious, the ambiance is great and the employees are very accommodating.

After a sumptuous lunch at Yoonek, we then proceed to explore the beauty of the place, each with a thought in mind that our stay is just short and thus, it should be spent wisely. I along with Kresia, Rej, Corie, Dario, Gem, Nilo(Gem's BF), Elgie and Jack decide to walk along the shore while others decide to relax and stay in the room. Picture-takings. Chatting. Self-Exploration. Appreciating the beauty of the place. Those are some of the activities we did. After the tiresome yet enjoyable group exploration, we head back to the resort and waited for the others to arrive. The others that we're waiting are Dea, Dexter(Dea's BF) and Jen. Dea and Dexter stays in a different resort.

When Dea, Jen and Dexter arrive, the group decides to go to Ogtong Cave Resort. We did the usual routine of picture takings and chats The cold and crystal-clear water of the Ogtong Cave and the big swimming pool convince us to freshen up ourselves. We come at a decision to bath. We enjoy both the swimming as well as the teasings. They tease me that I should take off my shirt so that I could swim in the pool. After swimming, we decide to eat in the Ogtong cave restaurant. The food is great.There are no left over, everyone is satisfied and fully loaded. After eating, we did our usual routines while waiting for the Yoonek service to arrive. At night time, I and Jen decides to walk along the beach with Rej, Elgie and Dario following us. Corie and Jack are seriously and heartily discussing about something with Kring as referee. Gem & Nelo, Ktin and Vincent, Dea and Dexter are simultaneously dating and enjoying their companionship. During midnight, we gather in the beach in front of the resort. We play games like water ferris wheel, cat catching the rat and others. We tease Corie and Jack, with an assumption that Jack likes Corie. As we get tired of swimming, the group decides to stay in the room while Corie and Jack is left in the beach. Inside the room, we chat and chat until I found myself dozing with a towel in my head. It is funny because I told them that I would not sleep with that towel but maybe because of tiredness, I forgot what I told them and doze off. The next day, we had brunch and proceeded to our usual routines. We head home after. It is a very short outing but definitely a memorable one.

For the Alliance Batch April 2007, it will always be a day to remember for the rest of our lives.

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