Friday, November 20, 2009

of needing people.. :)

kring sent me a text message yesterday. it read, "Do you know why God is extending my life till now? its not because i need it, its because someone else needs me."

I replied, "di pud oy. its because you add spice to someone's life just like you do in mine."

Reply pud c kring, "uu.. sa imo kay add-on ra, pero sa ako family kay they need me to survive."

I believe our lives are extended because God wants us to learn and touch other people more. He wants us to teach other people even when they do not appreciate it. Or even when we do not get something in return. And their lives are extended as well not because they need to burden us but because we need them as well. A good person needs a bad person to remind him to be always good so as not to turn into a bad person. An independent person needs a dependent person to remind him to work hard so as not to be like these dependent people. We need each other. Of course, there would be a time that we might feel tired and fed up. And that is totally normal. We can scream and rant about these people but at the end of the day, they are still our responsibility. We may run and hide from our responsibilities but I know, later on, the responsibilities that we are running from, are actually the responsibilities we like to take charge of.

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  1. hi cor!
    i totally agree with this..
    the line that pertains to appreciation hit me the most..hay...

    la koi net..sori mingaw2x na here :(
    thanks for the post cor..:)