Sunday, November 22, 2009

bulls eye :(

I'm about to turn off the pc yet I suddenly remember about Bo's subscription mail today...
Wow! Bulls eye! :( This article hit me. This got me in a reflection mood.
Check this out. See if you'll have the same effect.



  1. very true kring! hehehe.. thanks for the link! :)
    love yourself! first commandment na cya to be truly happy.. everything and anything is happy when you love yourself. :)

  2. anytime cors! i really thought i'm loving myself enough..but reading it makes me think otherwise :(

    that article makes me think that I'm an emotional vampire :(

    despite the sting of that article, i love it :D

  3. ahahahahah.. pag-Bella Swan na lang inig Xmas party.. :D mas dali ang costume i think.. :)