Sunday, November 22, 2009


Person A and B have been together-together for more than 6 years. And I thought they would last forever. Then came Person C. Person B liked Person C because Person C was cute. And its true. Person C was indeed cute. I mean, Person C is liked by most people because Person C is cute. I find Person C cute as well. The cuteness of Person C is something that no one needs to question. Anyway, Person C knows that Person B liked Person C. So, when Person B tried to show some interest, Person C ride on. Person C also showed some interest which made Person B hopeful. Person C knows that a certain Person A exist in Person B. But Person C still continued playing games with Person B. Person A was not aware that Person C and Person B have been playing games and Person A never suspected anything out of Person C and Person's B closeness. Now there came a time that Person B broke up with Person A. And this shattered Person A's vision and beliefs in L-O-V-E. Person A went after Person C. Person A confronted Person C but Person C played Pontius Pilate and denied everything. So, Person A confronted Person B. They had a huge fight and became enemies for many years. All this time people think that Person B is the rightful person to be blame. Because Person B cheated and communicated with Person C behind Person A. Well, the real story was, Person C took ADVANTAGE of Person B. Person C took ADVANTAGE of the fact that Person B has a little something for Person C. Person C gave meaningful hints to Person B that made Person B hopeful. So, the rightful person that should have suffered in this dramatic trio was Person C. Because Person C was the one who took ADVANTAGE! But right now, its Person B who is suffering. Friends are drifting apart from Person B. There was even a time that Person B did not join a reunion something because he was so ashamed.

Person A is happy now. Person A has moved on.
Person B is still sufferning.
Person C is ..... and will forever be innocent because Person C is the new Pontius Pilate. Person C denied involvement.



  1. sad :(

    ana lang gyud na ang world cors..
    in that trio, no one should be blame..everything happens for a reason...someday mo stop ra na ang suffering ni person B...

    sala ni person B ang tanan nanung padala xa ni person C :D joke! hehehe!

  2. hahaha.. pare-pareho mn ni ato akong story about ni BF A og BF B..

    hahaha.. k2ng naai sumting ni BF B og sa uyab ni BF A... niangkon lng 2h ang uyab ni BF A nga naa clay sumting ni BF B.. bwahahaha..

    Bestfriend pa gyd ni BF A c BF B.. bwahahaha..