Friday, November 6, 2009

how would you remember me?

i'm reading the biography of Alfred Hitchcock now.
the line below caught me.

Hitchcock was a lonely, imaginative, obese child, raised Catholic and
trained to give his mother the day's confession every night.

that one line i think clearly gives me a view of
what he was before.
with that in mind, it drove me to start this entry.

as my friends, acquaintances, and others..
i wanted you to describe me, just like that author
describe Alfred Hitchcock.

No holds barred. Just be true.
I won't take it against you, promise :)

do it in this manner please...

- Your name,
Your relation to me, Posted Date

can u do that for me?
thanks. i'll be waiting. just take your time :)


  1. Kring2x is possessive,selosa,mugOT faced,yet a very pink person,kikay,kenkoy, nice friend and knows only one word when she gets drunk...migo >:) ;)
    - Faith, Cocos Friend, 20091106 - 17:00

  2. haaaay..c faith ra gyuy ni answer..hehe! lisud gyud guro ni buhaton sa..hahaha!