Thursday, October 1, 2009

how could you be so waterless?!?!?!

i am waterless at my boarding house for the Nth time.
it's nice being here at Talamban because it's so near to
everywhere, my friend once told me.
but having to fetch water to my room up on the 
3rd floor is not so nice na...

sure i'm getting fatter by the hour but it doesn't mean i'm getting stronger.

one time i almost fainted carrying a pale of water
5am in the morning
so that i could take a very short bath
for work that i am often late for.

sheeeesh. i am not enjoying this na.
the "no water" part is driving me nuts.

somebody save me. :(


  1. ari dri manila kay dghan tubig...pde ka maglangoy2 sa marikina..hehehe..joke lang..peace!

    wla diay mo reklamo ana sa owner sa nu boarding house?

  2. nireklamo ui. until now wala man gi-fix.. :(

  3. luoya nimo gurl..
    cge lang kulita imong landlady..
    kapoy gyud na wala'y water oist...

    asa man pud mu magsag-ob?
    cge lage ka kawala2x sa YM?
    guba2x connection dha sa aboitiz?

  4. juday..

    i think ryan could save you.. peace :P
    btaw girl... palit nlng mineral water oie.. tag 25-40 mn guro ang one very super big gallon anah... hehehe.. kanang purified lng gud..


  5. @Gurl: uu, unstable and connection nila didto.. ambot nganu :P

    @Joey: Claudine, mahala sad anang 20-45 i ligo ra nako! :)) mag-balhin nya ko ug bhaus.. kana duol sa dagat.. :))