Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct 18-19 with pictures.......

I spend my whole weekends with her....
- bonding
- watch movies
- walk by the beach
- talked a lot about everything together with her family
- give her a bouquet of white flowers on Tuesday, Oct jud ko sa work ani just to be with her and to spend time together...


  1. Hi Bossing :)

    ka char oie! ka tam-is.. gkilig jud ko bossing.. suya ko duh!.. ako sad nya "meet him :)".. hehehe

    as.n.. super happy ko for you!.. dapat sunod.. meet her in person!.. hahaha..

    enjoy bossing... i can feel that u r overwhelmed with happiness right now!


  2. update na gyud ka jack :)
    hehehehe :))

    magbrowse sa na xa nai atong blog jack? hehehe!
    i hello nya mi niya..bring her to cebu one day :)

  3. @joey: dont wori moabot ra na ang right person 4 u...hehehe..thanks..ul meet her soon if time will allow..busy mn sad gyud cya ky ngteach mn siya..
    @kring: dli n cya mgbrowse kay busy cya teach..tagsa ra na cya maka-net..dont know if i can bring her in cebu...

  4. btw bossing.. i knw it's hard 2 bring her in Cebu... ky bc mo puro.. pero we can wait.. hehehe.. if dili gli kamo ang maka ari.. kami ang moanha.. maybe next year.. e.tour nya me hap.. murag nagplan me nla corie and kring and others..

    take note.. corie and kring.. hehe.. peace!


    sakto jud.. naa ray right time for everything...
    patience is a virtue :)

  5. wowowee.. :))

    naa na jud update c bossingot...

    @jack, kung anha mi manila e mu leave pud ka?
    ahahahahhaa.. dapat ka magleave! adto ta enchantedness and mallofasianess and other -nesses.. :p

    congrats bossingot! :)
    me so happy for you!


    nagpaabot mi sa invitation para kasal bossing..
    special invitees mi.. :p

  6. @joey and corie: so happy pud..mglisod cya anha cebu kay busy sad cya teach..if makaari mo manila, ako mo ipaila-ila niya..just inform me in advance if moari mo para maset nako ang exact date and if pde ko makaleave..dali ra man mgtour dri bsta naa lang money..hehehe..about the wedding, wla p na sa plan..but if in case moabot na nga time, invited man mo tnan 4 sure..pero as of now, kamo lang sa una minyo..sunod rako..hahaha