Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the third month [warning: super cheesy]

once upon a time...

there was a boy and a girl
who fell in love with each other.
their story was unexpected.
their story was one of a kind.

time passed on and they grew strong.
their story lasted through years.
their story was real.

time moved on.
she thought they were still strong.
and loved him even more.

time moved on.
he's changed his mind.
and left her when she loved him most.

she tried to find him.
tried to reach out to him.
her heart is in pieces.

but his mind is fixed.
he doesn't want her.
what can she do?

how could my fairy tale end so badly?

did i blink my eyes wrong?
did i miss half a heartbeat?
was it the tiniest thing?
because i never saw us fall apart.


to all the people who were there for me, Thank You!

to my college friends:
for the sympathy, same ra ta, na shock sad ko

to my highschool barkada:
for all the useful advices

to my ASI batchmates:
for the encouraging words

to motmot:
for every embrace when i needed one

to chuvo:
for wiping each tear before it even came

to wena:
for the laughter amidst the heartbreak

to bryan:
for being the support i needed when it was impossible for me to stand up on my own

and to rej:
for the hanky, for the lighter, for every cup of coffee, for every pint of ice cream, for understanding me during my craziest of moments, and for being with me every difficult step of the way

thank you guys. from the bottom of what's left of my heart.

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