Monday, October 12, 2009

meet the family.....

Oct 10
- went to Cavite to meet her family, cousins and friends
- she was slightly mad with me since I arrived late and they're all waiting for me since they expected me to come around 4pm-5pm. but still I came, talked with her parents, friends and cousins and it was great. she was not mad anymore since I came bravely to face her parents.
she thanked me and said that i was the first guy that she introduced to her family.
-we talked a lot and i went to my auntie's house around 9:30PM, she told me to come back the next day and I did

Oct 11
-woke up around 4:30AM with my cousins and uncle to brought fresh seafoods on the market
-around 10AM, she passed by on auntie's house, before going to church. sat by for a while and introduced her to my cousins as well as to uncle and auntie and send her to church after a while.
-went to their house around 1PM, brought my laptop and watch a movie with her together with her cousin and her mom.
-she is suppose to do her lesson plan around 2PM but wasn't able to do the thing since the movie ended around 4PM. after the movie, her cousin left, she made her lesson plan while i was doing something on my laptop. her mother prepared us snacks(pancit canton chili flavor and bread). i don't want to eat unta since i panington ko maau when i eat spicy foods but she insisted. i ate the pancit canton, have a water always beside kay dili nako kaya mokaon spicy foods kung wlay water. so mao to, gipangot gyud ko maau, hehehe. then she wiped my sweats, her mother was just watching us while ironing their clothes. ok ra man iyang mama, nag-enjoy ra sad tan-aw namo nga lingaw kau ug talked about everything.
-went to auntie's house around 6PM, she texted me to come back around 8PM to send a file to her email.
-around 8PM, i picked her up and went to his cousin's house but her cousin wasn't there so we decided to rent an internet for about 5 minutes just to send the file. send her home after and went to auntie's house.
-texted until 10PM, she was asleep, she always did, hehehe. she ask an apology around 11PM but i didn't read her text since i was already asleep that time.

Oct 12
-still at Cavite since i decided to went to makati early in the morning. woke up around 4:30AM, texted her na mouli nako and dungan lang mi sa akong cousin padong makati. i never thought mata na sad diay cya that time, she replied. 6AM daw cya moadto sa school and it was around 5AM pa, told my cousin na una nalang cya ad2 makati since she texted na dungan nalang mi kay malabyan ra man sad sa bus ang school where cya nagteach.
-picked her up at 6AM and went to bus terminal. ride the bus around 6:10AM, reached school around 6:30AM, she left and texted me if i can come next week. told her na depende if dili busy and she sadly replied that she will miss me kay dugay pa daw mi mgkita balik. haist, il miss her too.
-arrived at boarding house around 8AM, texted her nga abot nako so that she'll know. she replied around 9AM since vacant siya ana nga time, mingaw na daw cya nako..hehehe..
-slept from 10AM to 2PM, watch movies "Echelon Conspiracy", "The Proposal" and "Fringe S02E04"

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