Friday, October 9, 2009

rachel's towards sydney

That question caught me off guard. It took me seconds to devise an answer that would not sound defensive. Yet no matter how I thought about it now, my answer was still defensive.

I was watching the movie "Sydney White" on HBO. Since I've been FB-ing, I didn't see the start of the movie so I've been asking a lot of questions.

I really didn't understand at first why Rachel Witchburn, the elite in the story hates Sydney so much. Migo had been patient in telling me the plot but I still couldn't get it. When I'm about to resigned on his narration, he suddenly pops that question.

The question was: "Why do you hate this person?" ! sec. 2 sec. 3 sec. 4 sec. Tooot! Nothing. I didn't answer directly because treading that path had been difficult to me ever since. A minute after a realization dawned on me. He's wrong. He's comparison about that feeling I had with her is not the same with Rachel's feeling towards Sydney.

Mine with her was just a case of hating myself that is within her. For Rachel's to Sydney, it's a case of rivalry. I didn't even think that she is my rival. I wondered why he sees it that way. I don't want to sleep without straightening out that issue with him but later on, I conceded. I'm thinking that no matter how I explained myself to him, he's just go on believing that rivalry is the reason for this ill feeling with her. Besides, I no longer harbored the same feeling now that we're not seeing and interacting each other that much, so there's really no point in discussing it so much. Also, I don't think he's the right person to discuss that feeling with.

I slept last night with the thought in mind that I'm really going to blog it out this morning. Hehe!

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