Monday, October 5, 2009

happy weekend, yet sad on the last part :(

Sat(Oct 3)
- went to Mall of Asia to meet her(lunch at Pollo Loco, watch a movie Yaya and Angelina after and dinner at Congo Grills')

Sun(Oct 4)
- wake up at 4:30AM
- send her at 5:50OAM to La Consolacion College in Mendiola where she will be taking her board exam.
- waited her for lunch at McDonalds
- after her exam around 5:30PM, went to Mall of Asia to watch a movie but my eldest brother called me informing that my father was in the hospital kay naka-crash daw cla ni mama somewhere in the prone area of accident sa among place.
- decided to cancel nalang the movie and went dinner at Bicol Express.
- send her to FX terminal going to Cavite around 7PM
- arrived home around 7:30PM,called home and cried, emotional man gud kau ko in terms of family matters. glad to know that my parents were both okay. c papa gahi kau ug ulo, dli magpa-CT scan..under observation pa, if magsuka cya, he will be send again to the of now, ok ang status..hope wlay damage internally.. :(( help me in praying guys..thanks..


  1. noh? wa jack we'll pray for you parents continued recovery from the crash. maau they're both okay now.

  2. thanks guys! :D
    my mother has now fully recovered from the crash..ang akong father dili pa kaayo..half of his face was damaged :((

  3. hala! I'll be praying for them jack :(
    hope ma OK na nya cla..
    karon pako ka check ani na blogs ky busy gyud..

    unsa na'y updates nila now, jack?

  4. far okay naman sad tnan...c papa still recovering from the crash ky cya mn gyud ang nagrabehan ug damaged...gahi p gyud ulo..dli magpaCT scan..but ingon ang doctor nga ibalik cya hospital if magsuka or soemthing..but so far wla hoping nga mafully okay cla planning to go home end of october...