Tuesday, October 20, 2009

-the Emo World-

you don't force a person to be happy and tell them they're bad because they ruin your days when they're miserable.

if you tell them to be happy when they're miserable - you're not a good friend at all.

because it is in their miserable moods that they realize who they need - and when they are miserable to you, then it means they trust that you can understand their misery. and that makes a good friend.

if you want them only happy and set aside their mood swings when they're with you - they'll be unhappy. because it means that you don't accept them fully. you only want the happiness in them - but what if there's nothing left to be happy in their lives?

would you still insist a smile?
would you leave them and let them realize that life isn't all about them?
would you scold them for being moody when you're supposed to be happy?

if you did those things... then you are not a good friend to them. you are just one of the million acquaintances that they have in their lives.

your friendship is point blank unspecial.

-the Emo World-

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