Wednesday, September 30, 2009

:-? paid the jeep twice?

I wonder if the conductor would tell you if you pay your fare twice or if you haven't pay at all.

This morning while riding 21B jeepney bound to Hiway, I am so sleepy that I can't remember whether I pay my fare already or have not. Counting the coins left in my pocket cannot really confirm this, even though I am sure I don't have any coins left when I bought the pink hair band I'm wearing now, because the money left was lacking to deduct so.

I can't really remember if I still have some coins left before I bought that hair band. I am puzzled whether I already pay because when I check my pocket to pay the fare, the money has become Php36.50.

I had a change of jeepney at Hiway. I am so busy thinking about whether I pay the 21B jeepney twice that I fail to pay the 25B jeepney fare. Just realize that I didn't pay it when I recall the event to Joey just now.

Right now, I still couldn't figure out if I did pay the 21B jeepney twice but I'll stop thinking about it. The money I forget to pay at 25B would compensate some money I pay the 21B jeepney if I did really pay it twice. Hehe!

For me, it's just a matter of compensation. Though it's not intentional but it's as if my self is subconciously acting on my behalf so that I'll stop bothering myself thinking of such carelessness.

I learn a lesson today, next time, I'll make it sure that I always had exact amount of money in my coin purse for fare so that this event would never happen again. Hehe!

Forgetful me is on the loose again.
Tsk. Tsk.

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