Monday, September 28, 2009

kring's normally busy weekend

It took me some minutes to remember what I did last friday. Tsk. Tsk. My memory has been very irritating lately. I seem to forget the things I've done even though it's just 3 or 2 days lapse. Hay...It comes with age, I think..Hehe!

Anyways, last Friday, I went to SM. Bought gifts for Gem and Angela's baby. I already had a gift idea in my head for the two of them actually but when I passed thru the infant section of SM department store, my initial gift plan change. The dresses were so adorable that I decided to give the both of them baby dresses instead of scrap albums. Besides, giving dress is easier compared to scrap books. I'm really an amateur at choosing baby boy's stuffs and honestly, I
don't really like doing it. I believe I'm really no good at such stuff but last friday, something changed. I love it. I love choosing boy's stuffs. They were so cute. I always stop to imagine if the dress I picked would fit nicely to them. I hope they would. Since I was stucked at infant's for almost an hour or more, I didn't pursue my plan to watch "In My Life". As I was trying to remember where chowking is located in SM, I met Dea and Sly. I didn't actually notice them at first because I was really busy remembering chowking's location. We had little exchanged of words and then moved on our separate way. I was late to realize that it would have been better if I just ask Dea or Sly it's location. I had tofu, rice and buko pandan at CHowking then went home after. At home, I prepared the gifts. I slept at around 3 AM watching "K-ON" anime.

Migo and I arrived at Portufino at almost 10 o'clock. We were 1 hour late to our planned 9 AM. We had fun despite the rain. The foods were delicious. Migo and I played with the big waves.
I'm glad I decided to come at Gamay's birthday celebration as well as baby shower. We left at 2 o'clock. I stopped at Angela's to give the gift. Baby Inso is so cute.
We went at Migo's and slept.
Woke up at 6PM. Logged to facebook.
Made Gamay's greeting blog.
Had dinner and went with Migo to ayala.
Met dunve. Watched "Surrogates".
Ate super big popcorn. Had coffee at Bo's, IT Park.
Went home at around 1:30AM. Dreamland followed.

Sunday, July 27
Woke up at 7AM. Went home to Uling with Dodong.
Amazed with the new south terminal policy.
Arrived at Uling at 8:30AM. Had breakfast at home.
Bought materials for tindahan at Tres.
Had lunch at home. Went to minglanilla to have grocery and buy Refrigerator.
No refrigerator. Bought TV stand instead. Had grocery. Bought ukay2x skirts - very nice.
Home again. Had dinner. Chitchat while waiting for the carpenter to finish the store.
Displayed the tinda. Dreamland after.

Monday, July 28
Woke up at 5:30AM. Very Cold.
Not feeling well at arriving the City.
Take a leave from work.
Met Migo at Robinsons. Had lunch.
Work in the afternoon.

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