Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jack: Sept 19-23

Sept 19
-went to Cavite sa balay sa akong auntie kay walay lingaw sa bhaus..have some fun with my cousins and ate fresh seafoods..mao ni ako ganahan ddto..
- 1PM to 3Pm, eyeball with my textmate in cavite..she's a teacher in the Internation school of cavite, graduated at PNU major in General was okay, she's great!
-brought 2 tequilas and inom with my cousins.. :D

Sept 20
-still at Cavite,bought seafoods around 5AM with my uncle and cousins in the market..barato ra kau mga seafoods ddto, bought shrimps, crabs and fish para it!
-inom ug beer with my cousins pagkahapon
-talk with my textmate in Cavite at their house and nananghid nga mobalik nako makati kay gabie na..hehehe :D

Sept 21
-at the office in the morning configuring our video phones and INF to be able to call Cebu office and other Cebu landlines for free, tested it and its working..yeah!
-configured our INF to have an IVR so that anyone that will call to our manila phone number 8281011 will able to select based on the options or else routed automatically to our locals in makati
-1PM-7PM, i was in Ortigas upgrading the DB server of sterling call center(owner of sterling notebooks and sterling bank of asia)

Sept 22
-at the office the whole day
-nanglibre among president paglunch kay niabot man cya gikan cebu, gnahan mi moari perme among president kay libre kaon kanunay..hehehe
-NEXTIX 1st national video con from 6PM-8PM
-downloaded Season 4 ep.1 of Heroes and Season 3 ep.1 of The Big Bang Theory
-8PM, drive-thru sa KFC and nagpahatod sa among driver sa guadalupe,makati kay gabie na..

Sept 23
-at Sucat the whole day, didto sa among client sa TechTowers...


  1. hahaha! congrats to everything jack :D busy work life..busy text life..busy family life..hehehe!

    living ur life gyud ha..hehehe :D
    post nya here sa pic ni textmate gurl jack :)

    thanks sa updates :)

  2. hehehe..thanks..ana gyud life to the fullest... :D kanang while ngwork ka then and at the same time enjoy ra sad sa work and other matters... that's makes life worthwhile..dli mn pde ipost, next tym nlng..we're not that close pa..still in "getting-to-know stage"..and bagsak siya sa akong duha ka criteria..hahaha..bagsak sa religion ug zodiac sign.. :)) pero pasado sa personality and intellect... :)

  3. toinks..hahaha!
    oks ra na oi :P