Friday, September 25, 2009

Is it too much of a dream?

Is it too much of a dream?

On my way here, I think a lot about my dream business – Memory Krellections. Since I love pictures and memories a lot, I wanted to put up this likeness to good use. I'm dreaming of having my own business that provides scrapbook making services. Wanted to focus more on the traditional scrapbooks for this and maybe in time, extend the service unto digital scrapbooks. But I'm thinking of a lot of products actually. Those products revolve around pictures and documenting memories. My vision is to own a well-established business on memory documentation.

This dream had been bugging me for the passing months already yet until now, I'm still thinking of a way on how to start it. Such a dream is keeping me restless most of the nights that's why I know it's already my necessity to realized this.

Whoah! So much for my business thoughts. I'll be shifting to my routine now :D
Today is friday. I just love it. I always love friday actually:)

Here are the things I had done for the week:
Tuesday 0922:
Silverlight Installation: Murag busy man au ko ani na day..nalimot gyud ko unsa akong gibuhat..waaaaaaa..
Bhaus: Nagchange position mi sa PC maong la mi ka jogging nalang ni Migo.. Nagwatch nalang mi deathnote after.

Wednesday 0923:
Continue Installation of Silverlight Walk Through for Unionbank Upload Data for Unionbank Testing QGM Presentation for Unionbank
Bhaus: Sleep early after soap ky gamit nila Dodong ang PC para ila presentation.

Thursday 0924:
Try Coding with Silverlight Unionbank Re-checking of Functions for System Testing :Sapot mood man ko ani the entire day kay nadugay ko ug mata..waaaaaaaa...
Bhaus: Nagjogging na gyud mi migo finally. 2 rounds jogging and 2 rounds walking..gikapoy na gyud mi..hay..kapoya mag exercise oi...but I have to do it..nitambok na gyud ko ug maayo..i need some energy exertion para makwaan ako fats..huhuhu...

Friday 0925:
Fix Error Message for Unionbank Make Document for Unionbank Reference Number Decoding : Nagdugo2x akong ilong ug english ani..waaaaaaaaa..ahaka! Ayo nahuman ra gyud within the day..hay..
Others: Corie's Bday Coordinate greetings from pips..approve and others.. Busy kaayo sa nosebleed unionbank docu task.. tapos gisapot ni migo ky wa gyud ni text if nag ginhawa pa xa sa south office.

Time Check:
6:28 na here sa office..pde nako makauli but ako lang ni i-post daan..di ko nahan naay huna-hunaon for the week..medyo busy na pud bya akong weekend ron..Di nalang sa nako I post ang pics sa ako pc and ako weekly pics ky ngdali nako..inig monday nalang...

Plan for the Weekend:
Waaaaaa..karon ra ko ka remember..mgleave man ta diay ko monday ky ako tabangan c mama ug kompra..oh no! Dili nalang...
Saturday: AM: Gem's Baby Shower PM: Home Sweet Home to Uling
Sunday: AM: Uling PM: With Migo
Ai..dili diay au hectic :D
This would be all for now.

Happy weekend guysh!
Have a merry birthday celebration, Cors! Feel nko mulaag tonight ai..basin mg solo flight ko tan-aw ug “In My Life”. Basin lang..Dili pako sure..Hehehe!

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